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Trauma Recovery

Trauma Defined: Any distressing event or multiple small events which results in a lasting emotional response that overwhelms an individuals ability to cope.


Modern psychology recognizes that trauma and stress is not just in the mind, but rather a ‘malfunction’ of the brain network. While psychologists work with clients to deal with the underlying issues in a top down approach to get to the psychological root of a problem, a trauma coach can help clients become aware of how their nervous system has become dysregulated. Through both top down and bottom up techniques, a person can develop new awareness, and implement various strategies to guide you back to a more resilient, abundant person.

Trauma is not just in the mind, it affects the entire body and some leading researchers such as Dr Peter Levine believe that it is the somatic (body) nervous system which is responsible for discharging traumatic stress. 


I often incorporate a somatic approach to stress/resilience/trauma coaching and aside from the usual coaching techniques, I also employ the following techniques as needed:






EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Tapping)


NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)



I continue to learn new and expand my existing techniques on a daily basis. For more information, contact me today.

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